from the series Traces

This work, presented as large photographic prints, was made for the first Michaelhouse Festival in the University church of St. Michaels, Cambridge and was shown in the chancel.

I am interested in the window casement as a boundary between exterior and interior worlds, particularly within the home. It seems that windows have a contradictory role, being a place to observe the exterior world - bringing the outside in, whilst at the same time endeavouring to control the wilder, natural world and keep it at bay. In addition, window light that emanates into the domestic space through glass, shutters and mirrors transforms the interior spaces and in so doing offers different insights into the architecture and psychology of the home. Due to the context in which these photographs are seen, the play of light and colours in the images alludes to ecclesiastical stained glass and suggests the opportunity for contemplation and symbolic interpretation. The transient light, fixed here on paper with photographic chemicals, has in the broadest sense both a transformational and spiritual dimension.